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pressure feeling in vaginal/perineal area

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  • pressure feeling in vaginal/perineal area

    does anybody else suffer with pressure and burning in the vaginal/perineal area?the pressure is pretty much constant.i used to only have it when i had my period.the burning is from another horrid ic flare that started around my period a week or so ago and doesn't seem like this flare is going to go away anytime soon.when the flare started so did the frequency and pressure.i have bladder pressure too but when i say vaginal/perineal pressure,I mean like something is about to fall out but there is nothing protruding,just that feeling,like something is trying to open you up with a vice feels HEAVY!I don't know how to describe it.Any advice?

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    I kind of know what you are talking about, it feels like your bladder is about to explode. Also your tummy pooches out and you can't walk correctly it just don't feel right. I have them feelings when i flare its stress related.
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      it feels like a basketball is coming out of your vagina but there is nothing there,just a pressure type of hurts!it feels like that from front to back.


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        Ever been checked for prolapse?
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          not for awhile.