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  • surgery

    well i had one of my many surgerys, i have severe nerve damage in my right and left elbow.

    they did the right arm the cast comes off in a couple of weeks, i hope it is a success.

    if so i will have my other arm done and then my neck and my shoulders and last my hands.

    a whole lot to go through with ic and divorcing feels like a death in the family.

    my emotions are like a roller coaster strong one day cry the next.

    the severe deppresion i suffer from does not help matters either.

    i am so sorry for ranting i usually dont do this i usally try to help others.

    i guess my mood is irritable and angry today.
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    You aren't ranting Linda, you have every right to vent. You are obviously a very strong woman to be going through all of that and still offering support to others. Go ahead and be angry, you deserve to be, just remember not to let it consume you. I wish you the best during your upcoming surgeries. Will you know if it worked as soon as they take the cast off? Let us know how things turn out for you. I hope you have a good support system around you. We are here for you but it is good to have a face to face support system. Wishing you the best.
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      I truly believe I have God, my church family and this forum that I can count on.

      thankyou for the encouraging words.
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