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IC and Lyme??

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  • IC and Lyme??

    I have a question? Does anyone have a dual diagnosis of Lyme and IC? My husband was recently diagnosed and confirmed to have Lyme Disease. He is seeing a Lyme specialist who is treating him with antibiotics.
    While he was at his appointment a couple of days ago, I was with him. I had to get up about every 10 minutes to go to the bathroom because I was in a flare. The doctor shifted his questions to me as he saw I was not feeling well. I explained my condition and symptoms. He asked me would I consider being tested for lyme. It is a very costly test but my husband and I agreed that I had nothing to lose to get tested. I wont get my blood work back for two weeks.
    (He wasn't dismissing the IC, he knows that is real).



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    whatever happened with the lyme treatments?


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      Thank you for asking! Lyme testing can be tricky. I showed having had Lyme. The Lyme dr felt that since I was having to be on so many antibiotics for UTI/Kidney infections that it was killing the Lyme without me knowing. BUT every time I get on an antibiotic is makes me flu like which now makes since because that would be a Lyme die off.

      My husband is still taking treatment and is feeling awful. It is so hard having two chronic illness in the house.


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        Re: IC and Lyme??

        Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about this. Please view my posts pertaining to mold, biotoxin illness and lyme.