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UTI and IC

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  • dyno
    I have only had a couple of UTI's the whole time I have had IC and that is 35 years now.

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  • BrandyDW
    From late 2009 through all of 2010 i was having a lot of recurrent bladder infections, so much so that my urologist finally put me on a maintenance for 6 months and even then if I forgot to take the maintenance for a few days (more of just didn't take it, because I didn't like) i'd get a infection again - so on and so forth.

    The last time I went to my urologist for an instill was in December of 2010 and since then I mostly felt good, at times I would feel burning but I never had the frequency that to me would signal a bladder infection... In the past 4 months or so I haven't had any medication because I've felt really fine....

    My luck ran out yesterday

    Last night i got home from work from my new job (which i just started on the 18th) and I had to pee more frequently at that time I just thought okay maybe I ate the wrong foods today because I was also having a bit of a constipation feeling and figured that because of the constipation that it was pushing on my bladder more making me pee more often..

    Then this morning I woke up at 4am having to go and then could never get back to sleep it seemed like every hour I was going... Which for how I've been lately is frequent... Considering I go to the bathroom normally about 3 to 4 times a day now..

    Anyway at about 1pm i decided it was time to head to acute care to see about the possibility of a bladder infection - particularly because I was worried I could be having an IC flare because i haven't had treatment in about 4 months - also because of the new job (i was half freaking out in my mind)

    So once i pee'd in a cup and went back to the room...

    Turns out:
    Low grade temp - 99.3 (not to bad)
    high white blood cell count

    and the possibility of a kidney infection because of whatever they found when they did the analysis - the doctor came back in and was asking if i was having pain in my upper back, how i was feeling etc

    anyway he was 100% sure I at least had a bladder infection if not a kidney infection as well and that if this macrodantin doesn't get rid of it to get checked out again for a possible kidney infection...

    essentially that for all i know I could have had this infection since january because of the burning and not even known it...

    moral of the story - if you start feeling something different go to the doctor because it could turn into the something worse potentially

    ramble over lol

    on a side note: does anyone else every notice that once you have something diagnosed you start feeling slightly better? just curious...

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  • Mothergoose
    I do put mine is put done to haveing urinary retention and my bladder never emptying completely, so residual urine more prone to getting infection.


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  • Reanna
    started a topic UTI and IC

    UTI and IC

    A couple years back I was having a lot of problems with UTIs, I would get them as often as I got my period. This lasted for around a year until I got my last hydro, after that the UTI's went down to only a few a year. I always assumed that having IC it makes me more susceptible to having them. I was wondering if anyone else has struggled with constant UTI's?