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    Did more googling and this last gyno is right. I am so ticked off at those other 2. The last one never wanted to be bothered because of the Medicaid and never bothered to come right out and say it years ago. They both dumped me on to my Uro. I know understand the pain and what is going on in my body. Kind of stupid at my age but I am learning. The heparin has helped the IC. That is why the pain below the hair line, the urethra pain and irritation in the bladder and peeing have gotten better. That part is ½ better then it was when I started. The pain above the hair line has gotten worse and that is due to the ovary cysts. Might be the one in the uterus too. That pain has gotten worse over the years so when he said I shouldn’t be in that much pain he was right. I figured he was just out to do surgeries that didn’t need to be done but no. He was telling me the truth. The cysts are supposed to be monitored at well. I am so mad I could spit. Really I am. At least now I know what has to be done. He wants another ultrasound done in 6 weeks and will go from there. Bloating, pain and feeling full after a few bites are symptoms of Cysts and I’ve had those symptoms from the start and I kept telling the gyno. It is also why the TENS hasn't been helping with that pain. At least I know now and no more guessing.

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    The ultrasound should tell whether the cysts are growing.

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