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Do I have a right to be mad?

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  • Do I have a right to be mad?

    I just can't stop thinking how the last 12 years have gone and it wasn't good when I thought it was. My 2nd gyno wasn't the great doctor I thought he was. He didn't help me at all. Just said it's the bladder and threw me off on to my Uro. The 12 years of pain getting worse when the peeing was getting better AND the stupid colonoscopy I had done which was a nightmare. It never had to be done to begin with! The laproscropy should have been done instead. I have a hard time letting things go (which I am sure you all can tell) and keep thinking I was 12 years younger back then and phyically in better shape. Now I'm not so sure I would make it through surgery which means I have another 5-7 years more of the extra pain, cramping and bleeding 3 weeks. I just don't understand doctors! They all go to college and learn the same things don't they? So, why was I told 12 years ago that there was nothing wrong with me at all or my female parts??!!

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    Originally posted by waterflow View Post
    They all go to college and learn the same things don't they? So, why was I told 12 years ago that there was nothing wrong with me at all or my female parts??!!
    I sure don't have any answers on this one for you! My own belief is that doctors are no different than anyone in any other profession, whether checkout baggers or nuclear scientists. Some are great, some leave much to be desired. Might as well ask why that guy put the 3# can of coffee on top of my eggs again tonight? It's a mystery!

    Oh, and yes, you do have a right to be mad. We pay for their services and I know many times I have felt I did not received a fair trade for my money.

    "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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      I understand I just learned I have a prolapse into my virgina another surgery. I feel like frankenstien freak.
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        I completely agree with you. When I was a pediatric patient my dad spent at least 5000 a year in copays and meds and I never got relief. I believe I wasnt diagnosed with IC because of my age (common misconception that pediatric patients cant have IC). I went through so much testing that was unnecessary and yielded no diagnosis. For a long time I stopped going to the dr because I knew it would be the same lame diagnosis of a UTI and they would shove meds at me that I knew didnt help. It gets frustrating when your spending money on your health and getting no results.
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          I have thought and thought about this and have decided to just drop it. All I have is medicaid so any doctor or hospital who takes care of me does it for free. That is why the last 2 gynos wanted nothing to do with me. The last one finally told me to my face after 12 years. I asked my Uro why he bothered and he said he didn't care about the money. If the cysts are what has been causing my "stomach" pain and bloating I figured I have lived with it for the last 12 years and what is another 5-7 years. Depending on when menopause really starts. All I can say is I guess people who said I was worthless was right. When doctors want nothing to do with you it tells me loud and clear. I would rather think of it as bladder pain and just keep on going with that.
          VickiB, I could never understand why the grocery bagger (this was back in the days when they actually had them) would always put the frozen ice-cream pie in the bottom of the bag with the cement blocks on top. Or sideways in the bag or better yet upside down in the bag. Needless to say as much as I liked the ice-cream pies I gave up buying them. They aren't the greatest when they have been turned into a big pie pan of mush.


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            I understand your frustration. I of course don't really have an answer for you but a couple of thoughts.

            Dr's are all human, they are not all trained equally.

            I think once you get one diagnoses then everything that happens after that, they try to fit any complaints into that mold, and don't want to look any further for other problems, maybe they feel they will be stepping on the toes of another Dr.

            I think Dr.'s find it hard to accept a person may have more than one problem going on, especially if you are young.

            I also think for the most part Dr.'s do tests they think will help you, to the best of their knowledge. Not for the money, of course I guess some do.

            My other thoughts are you need to let this go, you can't change the past, it is liberating for you to let it go. If you carry this stress around it can make your health worse. It is not easy to let it all go and it is a process, but I believe will help you in the end.

            Just my thoughts, are with you MG
            My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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              Waterflow, you definitely aren't worthless.
              Some doctors are greedy, some are dedicated, and a lot of them just don't know what to do or what to say. I've had doctors say to me there's nothing wrong, it's all in my head, there's nothing I can do, I'll pass you on to a different doctor, and doctors "testing" me to see if - gasp- I really do need help and am not just making up symptoms.
              I've also had really considerate doctors, one of which was a family doctor I had seen since I was 4 years old, she had no idea what to do for me, but she sent me to doctor after doctor to get me help. She believed that it wasn't in my head, and although I didn't have any success with the doctors she referred me to, it's still nice to know some one cares.
              Your Uro seems to care about you as a person (and not the money you have), so maybe when you get angry thinking about the other unhelpful doctors, think instead about your Uro.
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