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Dibilitating fatigue

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  • Dibilitating fatigue

    Im having bad, bad fatigue to the point its getting dibilitating. I have had every blood test under the sun that can be done and all have come back normal. I take B12 shots every week and nothing helps. I feel like I cant hardly drag my self thru the day. Does anyone else experience this? Is this just part of having IC and Fibro? I dont know what else to do, I feel hopeless and at the end of my rope. If anyone has some helpful insight, suggestions, anything please share.

    Thank you - Montie

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    Debilitating fatigue

    Hi Montie,
    Have you had your Vit. D levels checked? If those are low you can feel very tired.
    There are lots of things that can cause fatigue,(pain, stress, poor sleep due to going to the bathroom often at night, etc), so it might be a good idea to speak with your doctor, or if he or she doesn't have any input, maybe see someone else.
    I hope you can find out what's causing your tiredness. I know it's very hard to function when all you want to do is sleep.
    Keep us posted,


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      Are you on Elmiron Montie? I am and I have the same awful problem. Same tests as well. I am on B-12 & "D" which I was found to be low in. It's been many months and nothing is helping me either. I'm starting to blame Elmiron yet no proof of course. I have a throid problem and have been taking meds for that but for years before IC hit me. My Doctor was so worried that he sent me to a heart specialist. All is fine there. I have no answers but happy you started the thread. Maybe we'll hear from others. So sorry for you. It makes me angry and I feel useless sometimes. Hugs, Ziggy


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        Hi Montie,
        Fatigue can be caused my so many medications. Be sure to consider every medication that you take. IC patients tend to be on so many that it can be hard to figure out which one or combo of meds is the culprit.
        Good luck. Hope you feel better.


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          No Im not on elmiron, I was a few years back and it didnt even make me this tired. I understand about what you mean when you say you feel useless. Maybe its just part of this whole IC diease, I just wished they were answers for alll of us.

          Briza, I have been on Impriam, Atarax and Microbid for a couple of years now but the fatigue just seems to worsen little by little. My pain meds actually help slightly increase my energy, at least long enought to get dinner on the table and the kithchen cleaned up.

          Thank you both for your replys, maybe we will hear from others.



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            Hi For quite a while years I was really fatigued and new wanted to move.

            I found a new Dr. who treated my pain and sleep issues better, as well as put me on B12 shots once a week. With all this my fatigue lessend, for a couple of years, till recently I slowly started to get worse and worse.

            A few weeks ago I had a really bad flare which lasted a full week in bed, then this increased my urinary retention, and after a couple of weeks I ended up at the er in full retention.

            I find now I am so tired I ust don't feel well enough to do anything, and I realized today I am back to feeling the way I did a couple of years ago.

            I think my pain level has increased enough that it is not being controlled well enough again.

            I have an app later this week I will bring this up at this app.

            My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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              I can state I actually took a 2+ hour nap on Saturday and a 1+ hour nap on Sunday. Of course, I was told CFS a while back. The psychiatrist said later on that it was probably shift work sleep disorder as I was currently working the 11:00-7:00 shift.(retirement disability now) Oh, yeah! I have read other posts from IC'ers claiming to be tired more often. I have chimed in more than once. I am also on a degenerative disc disease support group somewhere else online. OK. I have read post from others with DDD that have claimed tiredness along with the pain. Of course, people with DDD may be taking pain medication, which could contribute, as well. I was having more tiredness before I ever heard of degenerative disc disease and never needed pain med with my IC. (as I was not in chronic pain before DDD) Maybe being in chronic pain contributes to some of it. At least, I know I can't do as much as I used to. I go to physical therapy twice a week and nearly have a cow over it. By the way, I am about ready to fallout right now. I better let that be all now.


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                Pain can be the culprit in causing fatigue. Our doctor told us that pain is the most tiring thing he is aware of. Some medications can cause us to be tired, but some do just the opposite.

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                  I had the same problem. Thankfully, my doctor and I figured out it was due to using 2 valium suppositories each day, so now I'm down to 1 at night (so any fatigue would occur while I sleep) and 2 pills orally during the day. Everyone is right in what they said -- it might be a medication -- you just have to figure out which one.
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