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Urine leakage when sitting

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  • ICNDonna
    Sometimes just standing up part way and sitting back down will help. I suspect the problem with panty liners is the deodorant chemicals added. I find I can tolerate Serenity (Tena) liners --- I get the smallest size available. I tried most of the brands available before finding one that doesn't irritate. I just feel more comfortable away from home with the liners even though I don't have leakage.


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  • jeanababy
    started a topic Urine leakage when sitting

    Urine leakage when sitting

    I have not been here in several years; my IC has been in remission for about 5 years and I am grateful for that. I feel a few twinges of pelvic pain but it doesn't last long. I have been on the standard Elmiron/Elavil/Atarax cocktail during this time. Last year I developed a problem after urination. I feel like I have finished but when I return to my chair at work or home a little urine leaks out when I sit down. My urologist did an ultrasound to see how much I was retaining and said it wasn't enough to do anything about because he didn't want to risk a big flare and getting IC under control again. He told me to double void (use the bathroom, wash hands then go back to the toilet). This worked for a time but now even after double voiding I still leak when I sit down. I have been using pantiliners for this light leakage but have been getting recurrent yeast infections on my skin where the pantiliners are and also vaginally. My gyn doesn't want me to use pantiliners anymore but if I don't I will be wet each time I go to the bathroom which is about 9 times during a workday. Any suggestions?