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  • Endometriosis?

    I recently had a laparoscopy done, and apparently there is endometrosis attached in in a few spots on the outside of my bladder. The doctor said they were very small, so its unlikely to have been causing my pain (I have been in a flare up for about 8 months now). But to me, that seems like a reasonable proposition.

    Prior to this surgery, they had already suspected endometriosis at the culprit (as I was diagnosed with that when I was 13). So I already have had a Lupron shot, and I have been on the pill forever.

    It does not sound like my doctor is going to do anything else to try to get rid of the endometrial lesions or whatever they are called. What should I be asking him to do? What else can be done? Is there an endometriosis support group like this one (if there is, I couldn't find it!...Guess this is a special community!)

    I am just so scared and angry as its been 8 months now...And I am not seeng any major improvement.

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    I have severe endometriosis along with my IC...unfortunately, due to a risky surgery a few years ago, we can't do a laparoscopy to confirm endo on my we have to guess what's causing most of my pain...IC or endo or both.

    It's my understanding your options for endo are the pill, Lupron or having it surgically removed...there's also the endometriosis diet...Have you read anything about it? Sounds like it's very hard to follow (no meat, no dairy, no gluten...pretty much fruits and veggies)...but I guess it helps lots of people.