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  • need help and overwhelmed

    One of the most frustrating things about ic, at least for me, has bee the strange and numerous symtoms that I have had to endure, besides the bladder pain. Looking back, I had chronic fatigue syndrom symtoms BEFORE my bladder symtoms started. Through 23 years of having this disease I have had; chronic fatigue, low grade fevers for months on end, in absense of infection, chronic severe migraines, anual to bi-anual cluster headaches, muscle pain,and now the newest problem, joint and tendon pain. I have yet to see a rheumatologist, but plan on doing so as I have no choice. I lost my insurance due to divorce and I am scared to death about my health. I have not been to a uro or gyn in years and it's going to be like starting over. the problem is that I am in alot of pain that I need to get under control so I can get back to work. Only after I am working for 3 months will I be able to even start to consider some of the newer medications or proceedures. I live near San Antonio Texas, If any one out there in cyber land knows a good, kind doctor please holla to [email protected]

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    I also am going through a divorce the pain can be enormous at times.
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