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  • I need help please!!

    Hello all,
    I was diagnosed with IC about two years ago and have learned to live with it and manage any flares I have (normally around my period and sometimes due to foods I have eaten). Honestly I have not had any major pain for awhile.

    Just recently I went to the ER for some pain I was have in my right side under my ribs. I was concerned mostly for my Gallbladder because there have been 5 people in my imediate family that have had theirs removed due to gallstones. The doctor ran some urine and blood work and came back telling me that I had a UTI. Well I had absolutely no symptoms of one and was shocked because in the past when I had a UTI with my IC it was HELL. I was in so much pain. I explained to the doctor that I had IC and I have found that I normally have WBC in my urine so she ran a culture as well. I never got a call from the doctor so I called the hospital and they told me I had to come pick up the results. I picked them up today and there were no bacteria growth in my culture. I started looking over my results on the urinalysis and I noticed something called my GFR so I looked it up. Found out that your GFR is the funtion of your kidneys and in a normal person 90GFR and above is healthty kidney function. 60 and below is chronic kidney failure. Mine is 79.... Does anyone know if someone with IC has more protien in their urine then a person with a healthy bladder?? Im a worried, even though the doctor said nothing about my kidneys. I hope someone can help .....


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    I haven't read or heard anything about protein being a common finding in people with PBS/IC. I know microscopic blood in the urine can be common but have never heard of protein being prevalent in IC bladders. You should probably phone your dr. to ease your mind and ask him about the GFR results.


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      I agree that calling your doctor is a good idea.

      Stay safe

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        I agree checking with dr is a good idea. Hope you get this resolved soon!!
        -Pammylynn Rose
        Wishing everyone a pain free bladder day!

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