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ADRENALS/producing too much cortisol

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  • ADRENALS/producing too much cortisol

    Just wondering if anyone here as adrenal issues. It seems I am producing too much cortisol.

    I am wondering if you do have adrenal issues what are you doing to treat them, what worked.

    I am on an adreanal supplement. I do yoga, breathe, meditate.

    I HAVE NO stresses in my life which is odd because normally when you over produce too much cortisol your life is usually very stressful. Mine is not. BUT I am sure where my body was hit with IC many years ago, and my year of healing, and then dealing with other health issues, thyroid...etc....maybe my body internally was internally going through stress.

    Any advice? thank you.

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    Is this something that is diagnosed via a blood test? I hope you feel better soon.

    Stay safe

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      Yes Donna, you have to request your doctor to test your cortisol levels, as it is not part of a routine panel. They will do your bloodwork during certain parts of the day, morning, afternoon, lunch, evening. (your cortisol levels do change during the day, but mine are above the normal range for the test. It seems i am over producing cortisol, so my body is always in "flight mode".



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        You said you are on an adrenal supplement. What is it? I'm curious.

        I would guess if someone's cortisol is very high that it would contribute significantly to IC. This is interesting and worth looking into more.

        I've heard the same thing about cortisol levels and stress. Maybe your health issues caused you some stress without you actually knowing it. Sometimes my body shows signs of stress, despite the fact that my life might be relatively stress free at that moment.

        Did the IC doctor recommend a cortisol test? I'm wondering what prompted you to have one. Is it good for overall health to know cortisol levels?

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        Other conditions: Migraines, allergies, mild IBS.

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          thanks for your message.
          i could tell that my cortisol levels where high, i was feeling a faster heartbeat, exhaustion, brain fog ...etc (many symptoms of high cortisol levels) I am an avid runner/exerciser, and my muscles were sore (not recovering from my workouts), I was exhuasted and started missing runs, no energy, and when i would run, my heartbeat would be beating so fast.

          Having high cortisol levels can have long term effects. (bone loss....etc)

          Yes I do believe my diagnoses of IC over three years ago, was a huge internal stressor for my body, I do believe there is a link. I am not a stressed out person BUT, how can my body not be stressed internally, IC has triggered a lot of other issues within my body. When one organ is not well this has a domino effect in the body.

          ....I have found a few supplements to add to my daily routine that I hope will take my cortisol levels down. (this is a start)