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HELP!! IC with bladder sling constant pain

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  • HELP!! IC with bladder sling constant pain

    I have had IC for about 10yrs now. Two years ago I had hysterectomy and bladder sling surgery done. I was very happy with the bladder sling. It completely cut out the incontenence from the IC and was more comfortable for me durring sex. My question/problem is that for the last week I have been in the worst flare I have ever had in all of my 10 yrs., which is saying alot considering I am at the extreme level already. So, I am wondering if on top of the IC flare, is it possible that I am having problems with the bladder sling (which has been fine for the past 2 yrs). My pain is so horrible at this point that I have been laying in bed with my heating pad for a week. I am self cathing every time I have to go because if I try to go on my own the pressure and pain is so extreme it brings tears to my eyes (I find it pretty sad that a person would rather cath then actually pee on their own). On top of this, when I sit down it feels as if everything is getting "pushed up" and it is very uncomfortable to sit. It hurts to laugh, walk, cough, and ride in a car. I have also noticed that all of the above (with the exception or riding in the car) makes me pee my pants. I am taking baby steps when I walk and even then it is very uncomfortable. So, I am wondering if anyone else has had this type of problem and what others opinions are as I am starting to think there may be a problem with the bladder sling. I do have an appt. with my doctor but can not get in until tues. I take Opana 15mg 2x daily, Valium 10mg 2x daily and 10mg of oxycodone for breakthru. Even with all the pain meds my pain is still about 9-10 depending on how much walking I have done (which I try to do as little as possible just to rest room and back to bed or from bed to kitchen) I can not even pick up the gallon of milk without being in pain. Any opinions, advice, etc would be greatly appriciated!!
    Right kidney removal 1992
    Diagnosed with IC 2002
    Nuerostim placement 2002
    Nuerostim adjusment (surgical) 2007
    Diagnosed with nueropathy 2007
    Diagnosed with essential tremors 2007
    Endometrial abblation 2007
    Interstim removal 2008
    Hysterectomy with bladder tuck 2008
    Vasculitis Unknown orgin 2008
    Fibromyalgia 2008

    Currently taking the sodium bicarb/lidocaine/hep bladder installs on a daily basis.
    Will start PT for pelvic floor dysfunction once healed from hysterectomy surg. on 2/21/08.
    I take 2400 mg of Nuerontin (800 3x per day)
    Valium 10mg 2x daily (morning and night)
    10 mg of oxycodone as needed for breakthru pain
    15 mg oxycontin 2x daily (morning and night)
    Cymbalta 20 mg 2x daily (morning and night)
    Lidoderm patches as needed
    Lidocaine gel as needed
    Pyridium as needed.

    I self cath 3x daily due to some retention from pain meds. Of course this is just a recommendation, If I am not having trouble or it is no convienent, I dont do it.

    Was told by my Rhumetologist that she is not sure what we are going to do to treat the Vasculitis and Fibro as they are both considered infamitory problems and I am alerigic to all anit-inflamitory meds.

    Me and my kids
    Susan age 16, Me, Whitney age 18