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Prednisone side effects?

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  • Prednisone side effects?

    I've been recently treated with antibiotics & two prednisone dose packs for a sinus infction. I am having the strangest problems since tapering off it four days ago: severe superficial muscle type tenderness, severe anxiety, just not feeling right. I did call my dr. & saw him last night but he was stumped & just wants me to start cymbalta. The funny thing is that my IC felt better on it. Has anyone else felt awful with pain going off it? I also have fibromyalgia. Thanks for any input.

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    The only side effect I had with prednisone was swelling --- I looked something like a baby blimp!

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      prednisone is amazing stuff, never heard of many side effects on it except for the fact that prednisone is also known as the fat pill because it increases appetite and people tend to gain weight while on it for any long period of time (longer then a week). Could be some of your meds mixed funny in your body. Every person is different and sometimes 2 drugs mixed are fine for person A but not person B, you just might be patient B. Hope your feeling better.
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