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  • ruptured cyst

    So I switched to loestrin birth control and two months later I started having hot flashes with right side pelvic pain. I finally went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound that showed free fluid behind my uterus and ovaries. I was told I had a ruptured cyst. It has been a week and still in pain. No pain meds help the pain. It feels like a knife or something pinching in my lower right groin area. Also CT scan showed mesenteric adenitis. I was told it was probably from the cyst rupturing. I can't hardly sit. I am wondering if anyone else has had the same pain from a ruptured cyst and did it last a long time? Don't know what else to do. Nothing takes away the pain. Thanks!

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    I had a ruptured cyst several years ago, the doctor put me on a very strong antibiotic as not to get any infection and was on strict bed rest. The pain lessened after about a week but if I remember correctly it took about a month to go away completely.
    IC diagnosis 3 weeks ago.
    Vesicare 10 mg once daily
    IBS and Gerd-Zegerid
    IC diet
    Elmiron 100 mg three daily
    Hydroxyzine 25 mg at night
    Amitriptyline 10mg at night
    Diovan 60/12.5 daily
    Topral 50 mg daily
    Zoloft 100 mg at night
    Klonopin .5 twice daily


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      I had this and they operated to clean up the fluid in my ab. At the time they found and removed2 smaller cysts on one overy, and 3 off the other.

      I had an ultrasound prior to it ruptering and was bein schedual for surgery for removal. I the was the size ofa grapfruit.

      Even with the clean up it took several weeks for the pain to subside.

      Good luck MG
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.