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Having it done Thursday morning

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  • Having it done Thursday morning

    Having my esophagus (did I spell it right?? ) stretched Thursday morning. Part of me can't wait since swallowing has gotten harder. Sometimes fluids don't go down easy and then sometimes it comes back up. Plus it feels like I have heart burn all the way down into my stomach. Plus I just want to get it over with. Of course I am starting to have moments of panicing. Partly due to the IV part. Didn't go well in the ER but everyone is different. Just hope whoever does it will numb it first for me. Nurse in ER wouldn't. She was kind of a poo poo head. Of course I am wondering how much pain I will have swallowing and just every second pain after having this done. Had the eruthra stretched twice and that was painful afterwards too but this I'm fearing will be worse since I will be swallowing all the time. Why is it the more you try not to swallow the more you have to? Go ahead, try not to swallow now after reading this.
    Another fear is waking up during it. The doc didn't let me wake up while he pushed the stuck food down and frankly, I don't remember even waking up. I was just suddenly looking at pictures with the nurse. Still don't remember what she said to me.
    I'm trying not to be a big baby about this since it really isn't major surgery but I know how I will feel after I wake up and it will be like a truck hitting me. Plus how will the bladder do? Think Iwill wear a pad just incase. One good thing only thing I have to take off is my shirt. Guess I could look at it this way. For a change no one is seeing my wee wee area.