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What types of accidents cause PN/PNE?

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  • What types of accidents cause PN/PNE?

    I have mostly well controlled IC.

    I recently had an accident where I fell and landed on my left hip. Nothing broken, SI joints looked great, just a massive hematoma and some bruising down my thigh and some over my pubic area on that side.

    Of course I've had a flare in IC symptoms, a lot of muscle stiffness, swelling, pain etc and have noticed sharp spasm like pains around the labia. This very well could be PFD come back caused by the fall.

    Would a hit to the left hip cause any kind of PN? I've been studying photos and anatomy drawings and nothing I hit seems to be anywhere near the pudendal nerve.

    The majority of the trauma is directly on my left side. The meaty thigh region just below the point of hip and side of buttock.

    Here is a photo of the injury the night of

    and the bulk of the bruising... which is already turning yellow and mostly gone away.

    There is also some bruising on the front of my thigh just at groin level and then matching bruising in the area of pubic hair, but no initial trauma to this area and no pain upon palpitation.


    ER and my doc said the most I would have to worry about would be the bursa of the hip joint.. that I might develop some mild bursitis.

    I'm asking because along with an expected IC flare I have the pain around the vaginal opening. It feels like the skin is very tight and about to burst. The pain has only happened twice since the accident. I've also had the joy of starting my period and now being constipated from percocet. I try to not strain though and am taking stool softeners.

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    It looks like you really did a number on yourself --- I'm sure you must have some swelling to go with it. Once the bruises have a chance to heal, you will probably feel much better.

    Stay safe

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      I broke my leg last summer and my new uro asked me a LOT of questions about that and the PT that I did after that. I think he was looking into PN/PNE. I don't know what he thought about it but I have a lot of tests coming up. Good grief, that looks really painful!! I'm sorry your hurting. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. Good luck!!!
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