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    I have been diagnosed with ic for three years now. I had a complete hysterectomy and hydrodestintion in 2009. Monday I went for injections for vestibulitis, I couldnt do it. The pain was horrid, The dr got my right side numbed and I had to stop. I am not the type of person that cries when it comes to pain but I was shaking and crying uncontrolably. When I left mondaywe just went ahead and schedueled a vestibulectomy and another hydrdestintion for the 24th of this month. My pain and spasms are awful I have been taking 10mg hydro, 10mg flexeril, .5mg of xanax. 800mg ibuprofen. It is not helping So I called the dr yesterday to c if there was anything else I could do and he wants me to come in in the morning to have the left side completely done. He said that was where the nerve was and that would help til surgery. I told him I could not go through that agan so he said 30 minutes before take 2 xanax a pain pill. He said he would use numbing gel, and the numbing shot before he put the elephant size needle in. He said that my vestibulitis was alot more severe than he thought. PLEASE HELP Has anyone had this done? Why do u have vaginal bleeding he only got the numbing shot in on monday and I am still bleeding vaginally. I am sooooo scared.

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    I'm so sorry for your experience. I have been getting pudendal nerve blocks, administered vaginally, regularly.
    It does hurt and sometimes I do bleed. The dr explained that the nerve and artery are very close together and sometimes the artery is hit in the process. If I'm bleeding he holds his finger there til it stops bleeding. It does help the vv. I am also considering the vestibulectomy, I don't want to keep getting nerve blocks in order to function.
    I hope you find releif soon.