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Could this be PN?

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  • Could this be PN?

    Hi All!
    I posted in the vulvodynia area last month about vulvar burning after repeated yeast and bacterial infections in the months of June/July. I had a biopsy done that showed Vulvar Dystrophy (a thickening of skin in the vulva area). I am using Clobetasol ointment twice a day for 12 weeks. I can deal with that. The problem I am still having and that is getting worse is that if I wear panties the insides of my legs where the elastic sits feels raw and irritated. The perineum area hurts when I sit. Also, right under my buttocks on both legs burns and my sit bones ache. I have a hard time sitting in even loose pants or skirts for work. I am constantly shifting in my chair at work to try and find a comfortable way to sit. I have tried to wear boyshort type underwear and it still burns. I cannot find my IC cushion (I haven't had to use it in 5 years) and they are out of stock in the IC store. My gyn is clueless, my PC doctor said it was nerve pain but couldn't offer any guidance and I don't see Dr. Evans again until the end of September. Does this sound like it could be PN? I work 10 hours a day and 9 hours of that is sitting.