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    Aww God bless u!! I'm still having pain. Had my surgery Dec 1st for the surgery. Still in my recovery stages.. but still having the bad pain after urinating a lot. Some days bad pressure & frequency too. Right now i'm taking 5 mg. Valium usually twice a day. Mostly vaginally when resting but i will do 1 orally on occasion. Also Hydroco since surgery. Helps wth pain a lot.. not all of the urinating pain though! Starting physical therapy for pelvic floor in Jan. praying that helps!


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      I am not too sure if this would work for you or not, but thought I would throw this out.

      One: I would try antiflamitory cream, talk to a pharmcist for one with the least amount of other ingredences.

      Two: What I use and works well is RX hemorroid cream, (not OTC it has lots of stuff in it that will bother you). You can PM and I will send you the name and ingredence in it. My Dr. says it is made to use in that part of your anatomy, it has an anti inflamitory in it, pain med, so it reduces swelling and pain etc. It worth try. It does work well for me.

      Three: I also use vit oil when it flares up and use it alternatley with the hemi ont.

      Good Luck
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.