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  • kadi
    Is there an Urgent Care near you so you can get checked for infection in the morning?
    Or you can use an at-home UTI test kit (CVS and most major drug stores have them. If you have an infection you shouldn't wait til Monday. If the pain is really bad, you can still call your doctor's office, most of them have someone on call. If they tell you to go to the ER, it can help if the insurance company hassles you about the cost. Just document who told you to go to the ER and what time you talked to them.

    I hope you feel better soon,

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  • rosechild12
    started a topic Somebody please HELP!!!

    Somebody please HELP!!!

    I am having a major flare right now and I need some advice. I would normally would call my doctors office but it's the weekend so I am going to have to wait till Monday which seems like an eternity when my urethra is on fire and my pelvic pain is bad. I follow the diet and use lydocaine gel but the problem is I'm not supposed to put on the lydocaine too much because too much of it can lead to serious side effects and I already used it once today. I am having serious burning in my urethra, urgency, and bad pelvic pain. I have pain meds but they normally don't help with the burning. Please give me some suggestions and anything that I could mention to my doctor on Monday. I am not really into alternative meds and heat/ice isn't helping. What do you take for the burning? Also I take prosed and it isn't working either. Please please help.

    Take: elmiron 2twice a day
    Cymbalta once a day
    Prosed ds as needed
    Lydocaine gel as needed
    Tramadol as needed
    Oxycodone as needed
    Orthro Evra Patch continuously because periods make my flares worse
    Diagnosed with severe IC April 2011

    Suffered for 8 years without a diagnoses
    I'm 23 and have always had issues but when I was 16 things got much worse. I saw urologists, pediatricians, and gynecologists and nobody had any answers it was either in my head or an infection. Finally found a wonderful doctor who diagnosed me with IC.