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  • Constant Discharge

    I have had constant discharge for years and no one seems to be able to make it stop. It's not yeast and my latest doc has diagnosed me with vulvar vestibulitis. He has put me on a few meds and the latest which is high doses of neurontin have not helped in the least. No matter what I eat or anything seems to help. Has anyone been in this position and finally found something that helped? I just can't imagine having to live with this the rest of my life and having someone new enter my life romantically leaves me in a place of embarrassment.



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    Hi Dana,

    I had a clear white discharge for years. It started right before I had periods, at age 14. I asked my family doctor's nurse about it. She just laughed and my mother didn't say a word. Since then no doctor has been able to explain the reason for this discharge.

    Finally, I no longer have discharge after a hydro and cyst in September of 2001, and starting on Elmiron at that time. Do you take Elmiron?

    Hope this helps, Gail


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      ps: I also have been diagnosed with vulvodynia



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        Wow - OK, that's an eye-opener.. I've *always* had that and assumed it was "normal". I guess you learn something new everyday? I had never thought to ask about it or anything. hmmm
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          You all have a discharge, too? Wow. I started having a whitish discharge as a preteen. My mom took me to a doctor, who pronounced it normal. Just leukhorrea, the dead skin cells sloughed from the lining of the uterus. Before I got candidiasis, IC, and vulvodynia, it bothered me a lot. Now I have bigger things to worry about. Leukhorrea? Ha!