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could this be vulvodynia, or am i just weird?

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  • could this be vulvodynia, or am i just weird?

    hi everyone,

    because of some very odd symptoms i have been having, i have read all the vulvodynia posts, and i don't really think that it applies to me, but here goes:

    about once a month, i will wake up around 6 a.m.
    feeling as if someone just whacked me in the crotch with a baseball bat. the pain is SEVERE (the first time was the worst i'd *ever* experienced in my life), and it comes on in a split second.

    it doesn't seem bladder or uterus or rectally related, meaning that all these functions are just fine during this pain.

    i basically crawl to the freezer (or call my neighbor) to get an ice pack to put on me, and this takes the pain away pretty quickly. i also take whatever o.t.c. painkiller i have on hand. the day after this happens, my mons and labia are tender to the touch, and i experience a vague burning sensation in the area.

    i asked my normally very helpful gynecologist about this, and i just got a "uuuuhhhh, i dunno." can anyone please help??

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    I dont really have any ideas except....

    you say monthly so it sounds like it must be some how kind of cycle related. Have you noticed a correlation- before your period, after, during, maybe a week or two before?
    Are you on birth control of any kind or any other hormones?
    You actually get swollen when this happens? Does it go down the next day? can you get back to sleep? It sounds as though you wake up very suddenly? Is the pain what wakes you up? Any other symptoms- you mentioned your bladder, uterus and rectum seem fine...headaches, diziness, leg pain, etc?

    If you are still swollen the next day after it happens I would suggest trying to get in THAT DAY to see your uro, or, if your really at a loss, you could head to the ER....they could at least see the result of what your explaining.
    Feel free to Private message me...I'll see what I come up with.
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