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Dr. Fugazzotto test for yeast?

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  • LM
    Hi, Dr. F found yeast in my urine. I had sent in many samples before and it was never found, just bacteria, but then, right before I started to get vaginal yeast symptoms, he did report it in my urine. I found it interesting that he found it before I had symptoms. My family doc says it's common to find some because it picks it up from the vagina where it's normal to have some. Still I had done several samples which did not find yeast. I don't think you have to use his method to test for yeast; it is really for bacteria and a regular culture from your gyno will show if you have yeast.

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  • klarson
    started a topic Dr. Fugazzotto test for yeast?

    Dr. Fugazzotto test for yeast?

    Does anyone know if Dr. Fugazzotto tests for yeast when he examines the samples? He did a culture for me in May of this year and indicated that Enterococcus was found and listed some antibiotics to try. I haven't tried this route yet, but was wondering if he tests for yeast as well. There was a spot on his results sheet for 'yeast.' I was just curious if this was a way to test postitive/negative for yeast?