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Cytolytic vaginosis

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  • Cytolytic vaginosis

    In the latest IC newletter and they had a article on cytolytic vaginosis(CV)it is often confused with a true yeast infection.Its to much "good bacteria." called lactobacilli. Candida overgrowth tends to occur in an alkaline enviroment, where as the other a acidic enviroment. Just thought maybe some of you would be interested to check out this article.

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    Can you give us more information? This really sounds interesting-what are symptoms or treatments? Does the article discuss this?



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      Symptons usually will mimic those of a yeast infection.Burning,itching,entry dyspareunia.Recurrent symptoms typically occur and worsen premenstrually,increasing in intensity and severity until the onset of menses. once your period occurs the blood raises the ph leveland there is a dramatic relief in symptoms. Its when the PH is too acidic in the vagina,unlike a yeast its too alkaline.Alot of patients go to the DR complaining of the a yeast infection, and the DR looks under the scope and everything is normal. And we start using OtC creams and it actually worsens the condition.Its like vivcious circle and you think you keep having a yeast infection. In fact I anm wondering if that is what is going on with me, I am presently on Diflucan trying this whole yeast free thing and now I am itching and starting to show a discharge.I am ONLY TELLING YOU WHAT I HAVE READ. tHE ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY DR. TORI HUDSON. i JUST TYPED IN Cytolytic Vaginosis in keyword and all this stuff came up. They reccomend baths in baking soda to try to neutralize the vagina. There is a article on this in the ICA Newletter. All I know is I see alot of woman on this site including me who keeps getting a "yeast infection" and go to the DR and everything is normal. nWith this your pH will also look normal under the scope. I hope this has helped someone in fact I am considering coming off the Diflucan. No matter what you do you cant win with this disease!!!-JOJO


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        you know the last time i had an infection the gyno said i had an over growth or the good bacteria that traveled to my bladder. i also have alot of acid in my urine. i can take about 6 prelief a day and when i pee it doesn't burn. i always thought that i had too much acid in my system because every time i wear rings they turn green on me this can be sterling or 14kt gold. when my bladder problems started my husband and i would laugh about my fingers always being green. i am going to bring this up to my new gyno when i have an appt. you know this ph problem could be inheriated because my grandmother had to take "something" to reduce the acid in her body. she also had a hysto. around my age.


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          JoJo or Sapp-

          This has me curious too, because my pH is always around 5.0 (ouch!!). I take prelief some, baking soda, and or/tums. I am thinking about speaking to my Dr. about this...only prescrip I know of is UrocitK..but have not tried it yet!