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Another ?...intravaginal redness?

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  • Another ?...intravaginal redness?

    Do people with vulvodynia have redness on the inside? My intravaginal lining is very red from what I can see and the gyno remarked "whoah, it's red in here" after she put in the speculum. Of course she had no idea what it was, just said maybe it was the remnants of a yeast infection or a reaction to the yeast meds. Should she have done a biopsy or are the standard tests for infections, STDs, etc. (BTW, I am looking for a new gyno on Monday.)

    Still freaking out,

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    Hi Nancy,
    I have vulvodynia too and my Dr. commented that my vagina looked inflammed. He nudged the red area with a q-tip in the exact spot where I felt the pain was coming from. At the time I'd just recovered from a flare up and was feeling only a little tender. Tagamet (Cimetidine) keeps my flare-ups under control.