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condom with jelly

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  • shel
    I use Astro Glide!! It is the best thing I have found to lubricate prior to sex. As for when my vulvodynia throbs after sex--I have inserted a condom lubricated with astro glide and filled with frozen water. The best thing though is to numb the entire area with zylocaine!!!

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  • sandie
    started a topic condom with jelly

    condom with jelly

    A while ago someone mentioned using a condom filled with the jelly that is used to take a sonogram of the babies. I would like to know if anyone else has used this and did they fill the condom with something else? I tried ky jelly but it didn't work too well. Any help would be appreciated. And where would one get the jelly if one isn't in the medical field? Thanks so much for all the great input at this site. It has saved my mind many times to know others are also going through this! Fondly Sandie [img]smile.gif[/img]