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  • someone help please!!!

    I started a post under 'share your story' and i titled it 'vaginal pain after hydro/cysto' and i have another question at the end if someone can suggest or has had the same experiences too.

    After my hydro/cysto i was having vaginal pains. My GYN and the nurses at my Uro's office say that it's not related. It started with a nerve acting up inside vagina(not bladder) and now it just feels like that ONE area is raw. I've been tested for all things i could think of that might cause this, and nothing came back positive, not even yeast. Is there any one that has had this or can tell me something they know about hydros affecting the surrounding parts???? [img]confused.gif[/img]

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    It wasn't until after my last hydro that I started having urethal and vaginal pain.....come to find out I have vulvodynia, which they treat with elavil, which I can't take [img]frown.gif[/img] But, dextromethorphan really helps me! It's an ingredient in cough have to check the lables to make sure it's in there. I buy the knock-off brand cuz it's so much cheaper than a name brand and I take it as needed, not as directed. I talked it over with my gyno and he said that the main issuse is "is it working" and when I said yes he said "than what are you worried about", I don't worry about it anymore, I just share what works for me.

    wishing you the very very best~
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