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PLEASE help, this is making me crazy

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  • PLEASE help, this is making me crazy

    does anyone ever have...."ONE" little area inside their vagina tingle, itch, and burn off and on.
    Ever since my cystoscopy/hydro this happened. Since it's one single area WAY INSIDE i had it checked out twice because of course my first assumption was a blister or sore of some kind. They didn't see anything but the second time but the GYN didn't even use a light to look. Am i being too pressed on the idea that this is a sore or is this a common nerve thing????????

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    Hi NB:

    Yes, I did have that as part of my vulvodynia. I treated it successfully recently. Please see my post on the board in the section: "Symptoms of IC" in the post: "Burning/Itching Symptoms of IC".

    It drove me crazy too. Mine was half way up inside my vagina on the left side and felt sort of like I had a golf ball lodged or something: really weird feeling!!

    I hope maybe what I did will work for you too.

    Good luck hugs,
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      Hi! I'm not glad you had that problem but i'm glad to hear that there are other possibilities than it being what i'm worried about.

      I read your other post, i'm glad you found a regimen that works! Is it still doing you any good?

      I don't feel like i have a golf ball lodged there, it's more like a little blistery stinging feeling and it comes and goes as i sit, stand, and walk. And somtimes it's just like the nerve by that area pulsates and shocks me there.
      The first time i went to the GYN she didn't see anything abnormal and she said the pain was probably inflammation from a ligament that is located inside the vagina. But i doubt that because it's been over two weeks and it hasn't gone away and i've stopped excersicing ever since.
      Well, the second GYN i went to almost two weeks later found yeast. But i don't see how a yeast infection can be the sole purpose of having these weird pains on ONE side. I don't feel like i'm getting any REAL help sometimes with the doctors.
      I almost went to this free STD clinic and i called the nurse there and described my symptoms and she said it sounds like herpes. That's when i went to my GYN the second time but he saw nothing.
      I'm really frustrated!!! I'm almost hypocondriatic because i'm not believing what these GYN's are telling me.


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        Hi NB:

        Yeast infection can cause a lot of inflammation of deeper tissues. I was amazed to find out my problems were caused by yeast because I would have bet a lot it was something else! The yeast release toxins that cause a cascade of related events in deeper tissues that can result in decreased blood flow and yes, nerve inflammation! If they have already found yeast in there, personally, I would definitely treat it. Yeast treatments aren't dangerous if done conservatively &lt;I consider my regimen conservative especially because I limited the use of low-concentration cream&gt;.

        Good luck in your search,
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          Thanks again. I have been using Monistat and i only have two more nights of using the cream and it seems like starting today things haven't been as bothersome.
          Yea, your right, yeast can cause more problems than itching and burning. Plus i think i've had it more a couple weeks before getting the actual diagnoses so it probably sunk into the nerves. Plus my hydro/cysto had to have had something to do with it too. I feel alot better now, when there's something that can't be explained, i always thinks what i would think would be the worst. I try not to do it but somehow it's ingrained in me. I'll shut up about it now unless it gets worse [img]biggrin.gif[/img]


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            My IC has gotten so bad I cannot have intercoarse anymore. Because it hurts to bad. So find a cure before it gets as bad as mine is. I am hoping that we can find something that will help. [img]confused.gif[/img]


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              Hi Debbie <img src="graemlins/hi.gif" border="0" alt="[hi]" />
              What kind of meds have you tried so far?
              Do you have Vulvodynia or just IC?
              I don't have Vulvodynia or but i have just been having some problems in that area.


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                Hi Terri, Debbie and NB,
                I've had IC for about 7 or 8 years but only in the last 3 had it gotten out of control. I couldn't manage it with diet anymore. In addition to my bladder troubles I started with a red and irritated vagina that would feel like it was tearing during and after intercourse. I had stabbing pain in the vaginal area as well. But no cottage cheese discharge so I never thought about yeast. I also had pain in my urethra. I couldn't wear jeans anymore. I thought for sure I had vulvodynia or something like it.
                I had a doctor prescribe Diflucan and limited my intake of sugar and yeasty foods. I also started taking acidophilis. Since then my bladder, vagina and urethra are normal. I thank God for that. I think I may have a systemic yeast problem but I'm not sure and that's another story. If I go off the Diflucan my bladder, vagina and urethra symptoms come back. I cut a 200mg tablet into 4 pieces and take 50mg every nite.
                I'm going to an infectious disease specialist mid September to try to find out why I need to stay on the diflucan.
                I've heard of many IC'ers who have had success with diflucan.
                I don't know if this information is useful to you but I thought it might help.
                Love, Jackie


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                  Yay NB!

                  Glad you're on the mend! And you just whine when you need to, ok? We all need a place to vent and get our heads on straight afterwards.

                  Warm Healing Hug, <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" />
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                    Thank you TerriQ. <img src="graemlins/angel.gif" border="0" alt="[angel]" />
                    And for Jackie, i've always had a suspicion that yeast was mimicking IC until my cystoscopy proved that it was IC. But Dr's don't even know why we get IC so who knows? Maybe yeast is a factor for some of us.
                    I'm glad the Diflucan took away those horrible problems. Let us know what the specialist says about why you need the Diflucan.
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