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Painful Pap Smear

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  • Painful Pap Smear

    I just had the 1st pap smear attempted since I was diagnosed with IC. When I have had them done before there was discomfort but not extreme pain. This time they couldn't even do it the pain was so bad. THe dr. thought I might have an infection so I am trudging through antibiotics. But I was wondering if it could be the IC or vulvodynia pain?

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    Hi, I hate pap smears. they always hurt me no matter what . They use a pedi on me and warm it up and it still hurts. You are not alone in this. take the antibotics and see if that will clear it up. Hope you feel better soon. Deb
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie


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      Pap smears are very painful for me also!!! I can't stand having one. I always thought it was cause of ic... scream
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        Since getting Ic, I had one. After it was done, I went into hard chills, and almost threw up in the gyn's, office. I told him I wasn't getting another one! I don't know why I need them anyways, I have no female organs! I had to have everything removed in 1973. I hurt for a week.
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