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    Hi everyone,

    I have had vaginal burning and last month my uro did the Q tip test. The only "hot spot" was high up right next to my bladder, so she said the burning was coming from my bladder, and not vv. She referred me to a person in her practice that is very knowledgeable about vv and I had a colposcopy. He did a Q tip test and found no "hot spots" inside my vagina and no really hot spots outside, but two areas that turned a little red afterwards and prescribed estradiol w/atropine cream for those areas. Does anyone know if areas of "hot spots" change and go away with different Q tip tests? Also, has anyone had success with estradiol/atropine cream? My doc said that since I caught the vv so early, that it's possible to reverse it completely with the cream. Anyone heard of that either?


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    Hi Colleen, sorry I cannot help you out with that question. I hope you can find some answers here on the board, take care Iris hi hat
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      Hi Colleen,

      I haven't tried the estradiol combination you mentioned. Since it seems like your VV symptoms do not seem to be severe (aside from the burning sensation) you may end up doing very well using the estradiol.

      When I had the q-tip test done, my gynecologist identified about 3 areas that had lesions or "hot spots." (I can see them when I use a mirror since they are right at the vestibule.) Some of their appearance and associated burning/irritation has subsided because of the Elavil and other IC meds I'm taking but they have not completely disappeared. Certain things (like having my period or having sex) will cause the hot spots to flare up, but it's not as severe as it was before I started taking the meds.

      Good luck! You may end up being one of the lucky ones!

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        Thanks guys, this ic and vv stuff is all so confusing to me right now.