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    Hi everyone. I was just wondering how many of you use this cream, what it does for you, how long it takes to work, etc etc. My doc prescribed it to me to apply twice a day. She said it is supposed to rebuild the skin so that it is less sensitive. When my vulvodynia flares, I feel that sandpaper raw feeling on the outer vulva (especially in the upper part of the inner grooves) and rectally. I also sometimes feel dry (even though I don't think I am) and the skin feels stretched too thin if that makes any sense. I am 30 so I know it's not menopausally-related and I don't tear, not even from sex (which is not that frequent). (I don't have vulvar vestibulitis). I also take Neurontin which helps, but I still flare. I can't handle the tricyclics (or anything with a strong anti-cholinergic effect). I am on my second daty of using the cream. When I first applied it yesterday morning, it felt kind of burny, but last night and this morning it actually felt soothing and sort of took the edge off of the dry, stretched feeling. Anyway, I am beginning to babble. Thanks in advance for your help in these matters. <img src="graemlins/hi.gif" border="0" alt="[hi]" />

    -Nancy R

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    Hi Nancy,

    I use Estrace Cream to help with the thinning of the lip area. I don't use it directly on that area, rather I put it along my bikini line. It would cause me to flare if put directly on the vulvar area. My gyn agreed that the cream is still absorbed into the system.

    Hope the cream helps you, Gail


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      Hi Nancy: I can totally understand how your "down there" is feeling because I have exactly the same symptoms as you (and I'm 32). The dryness feeling is just unbelievable sometimes (my vulvadynia specialist suggested using Vaseline which helps me). She put me on Estrace cream about a year ago - I don't want to discourage you, but it did irritate me. I stopped after 2 weeks because it was making things worse.

      I liked Gail's idea of rubbing it into your bikini area skin. It is true that whatever you rub into your skin gets absorbed by your bloodsteam - that means try to be very careful about what you rub in. Also, my doctor recommended that I use fragrance free shampoo and conditioner and that has helped my vulvadynia about 20 - 30%. Taking calcium citrate also helps to reduce the oxalate in your body which could be irritating your skin.

      If you want to chat more, feel free to e-mail me -like I said I have a vulvadynia specialist and would be happy to pass along the information that she's given to me. My profile shows my e-mail address.

      Best wishes with the Estrace,


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        The Estrace cream rubbed on my vulva made me flare too. I haven't talked to my uro yet about it, but I like the idea of rubbing it in somewhere else if it works to help keep the skin from thinning. My ob-gyn is skeptical, though. I have two doctors who often have opposing opinions, and it's driving me crazy. This message board is helpful, though. It helps to know what others have done and the results.