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Vestibulitis, Vulvodynia, and Urethral Pain

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    IC&Vulvodynia& Endometoris& urethra

    HI Michele,
    I have a few question to ask you and I live near Philadelphia and can you give me info the name of the dr .. So I need to get better with urethra it really bother me alot and it felt like I had a bladder infection it like flare up. and I don't pee burn just normal . I had Ic for 9 yrs now it was under control and I got better but when Vulvodynia and endo came along at the same time the first one it was Jan Endo, and just found out April Vulvodynia and my vulva is under control now but I kept getting yeast infection for the past 3mths and one is March and one in April and One now .
    I'm feeling alittle better but it come and goes when I feel my urethra alittle flare up. If you can give me info the name of the dr? It did the heaal remdy help the urethra? Just wondering .
    thanks alot.


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      Hi kmmk
      before you take anything like premarin look into Bioidential hormone. I suggest reading a book called
      " Natural Hormone Balance" by Uzzi Reiss M.D/ O.B. GYN