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Vestibulitis, Vulvodynia, and Urethral Pain

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  • tillysav
    Hi Michele,

    Glad you are better. After trying vaious treatments - success Very encouraging! You certainly did not give up and accept the pain.

    I hear many people say herbal remedies can be a good thing. What's the name of the IC herbal remedy and is it available at the pharmacy or health food store??? Thanks, Tilly

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  • michele
    started a topic Vestibulitis, Vulvodynia, and Urethral Pain

    Vestibulitis, Vulvodynia, and Urethral Pain

    I was in another topic and came across someone who was talking about Almond Milk substantially benefitting her urethral pain and IC. I posted the below response, but then realized it should also be posted under this topic (the original topic was "success stories" and some people don't want to read about those when they're in pain...I don't anyway). Anyway, here's some info that really helped my pain to the point where I am have a regular and wonderful sex life again...after 10 years.

    I have several additional suggestions for those with urethral pain, which was worse than my IC pain and totally linked to my vulvodynia (when one flared, the other did too, and they were never not flared for the longest time).

    I regularly take Elmiron, Atarax, Wellbutrin, and the pill (being on the pill constantly means no periods which means fewer flares from everything else). I also take an herbal remedy created by my accupuncturist designed specifically for IC. These greatly helped the IC, but the vulvodynia and urethra were untouchable.

    I go to an extremely progressive and wonderful MD office in Philadelphia, and they will literally try anything to improve your pain. This office has an incredible Phd working for them who is really into working with you on pain.

    For a while, I was applying capsacin (the stuff in arthritis cream) directly onto the's unbelievably painful and minimally effective for me but it works for some people. Next we tried a ketamine mix applied externally(ketamine is a powerful animal tranquillizer)...again, minimally effective and NONE of this was helping the urethra, but until we got the vulvodynia under control, I didn't even REALIZE how the urethra was actually much worse and even more problematic--amazing!

    Next, we tried traumeel (a homeopathic remedy), which we were literally injecting into the glands (for the vulvadynia) and then the urethral neck (for the urethral pain) This was weekly for six treatments. Yet another indescribable sensation, but it worked pretty well and I found that I would have a week or two or three sometimes when the pain would abate mostly or totally.

    Glorious but because I'm stubborn and don't accept that I have to be in pain at all, I kept pushing for "the latest". We were talking about it one day and I asked why we couldn't just insert some of the traumeel right into the urethra. We tried a few versions of this, and she's now dispensing several different options: a traumeel/lidocaine "jet" that you put right into the urethra...sounds bad but it really isn't and OH MY GOD so much better--it's like a syringe without the needle); a traumeel suppository that you insert vaginally and let it "soak in" overnight; and once you're in maintenance mode, a traumeel/olive oil solution that you swab on once or twice a day to keep you good.

    That all worked beautifully, and patients are having much success with this method.

    However, it all became a little too high maintenance, so I spoke to my accupuncturist about it. I'll tell you, I don't know what the hell she's doing to me but I am going months at a time, no more traumeel at all, and barely any urethral or vulvodynia pain. I've been seeing her for years and never even thought to bring it up. Incidentally, she also has an IC herbal remedy that I credit with much improved IC.

    Good luck, and keep looking for what works for you. Something will.