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To those who suffer from Yeast Infection

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  • To those who suffer from Yeast Infection

    I had suffered from cronic yeast infection for a long time till I found a natral remedy for my problem.
    In the beginning, whenever I had yeast infection, my dr prescribed Diflucan for me. I remembered I took a lot of dosage but it stopped helping me when I stop taking it. So I realized antibiotics is not the answer for my problem. I keep taking diflucan till my infection became less annoying and changed to use the natral remedy I found from local health food store. I bought orderless garlic powder from GNC and took 3 capsules a day. Every night before I went to bed, I inserted one capsule into my vaginal area. This method won't kill the bacteria in a day. I started to feel the difference in a week. Now I am taking 2 capsules a day and still inserted one every day before sleep. This is really better than Diflucan if you have a mild infection or just try to get rid of yeast out of your body. BTW, the garlic powder gave me strengh which I lost because of ic.