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Do I have V V?!!?!?!

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  • Do I have V V?!!?!?!

    Embarrassing question, but I don't care, because you all know what I'm going through most likely! I had a catheter done today, and when it was out, I began to burn immediately down there, like after my husband and I have sex. It was the same feeling, of fire. Afterwards, I always need a cool rag to put there, and it was the same exact feeling!! Is that VV or something else? Thanks for the input!
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    It could be that you are sensitive to the soap used to cleanse the area before cathing you. I know I'm very soap sensitive.

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      Oh yes, you do have vulvodynia. Any area on the vulva or its surroundings is classified as vulvodynia. It is horrible. Try taking a shower, using no soap to that area, and also not using any kind of detergent when washing your underwear, soak, and wash in HOT water to kill all germs.


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        I noticed the other day when I had the cath that it was the same pain I have in that area when I have intercourse, so I was just thinking that might be it. I don't know, I'm so confused!
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          If you typically experience burning or inflammation after having sex with your husband, odds are you might have vulvar vestibulitis. You might want to talk with your gynecologist about it.

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