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    Hi, I've posted on here before about VV, and I have some kind of personal questions to ask. I don't know if I should seek the opinion of my gyno yet or what. I would appreciate any help. First of all, when my husband and I are intimate, it hurts so much. Entry hurts and so does the whole motion of things and exit. Then afterwards, it feels like I'm on fire down there and I have to sit with a cold rag for awhile. We've tried lubricants, and that eliminates a tiny bit of the pain, but not all of it. The whole time during is so painful, and I think that's the IC, but the entry and exit and after are the worst part. Is that VV? I'm embarrassed about this, but I figure that I'm among women with the same problem, and it's easier to talk like this than face to face with my MALE gyno. Thanks all!
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    Jesser, I have both kinds of vulvodynia and it sounds like to me that you have vestibulitis. It does hurt upon entry and especially afterwards. It does help to set in a tub of warm water afterwards. It relaxes the muscles. It also helps to put ice packs afterwards to sooth the burning feeling. The first line treatment for vestibulitis is biofeedback. My gynecologist is good but he doesn't really buy the vestibultis thing but he does believe he sees something when he examines me. I am looking for another gyn. My uro is the one that basically diagnosed me and referred me to the biofeedback doctor. I am hearing that more uro's especially younger ones that are fimiliar with IC are looking for vestibulitis as an overlapping condition with IC. It certainly explains why I still have pain after treatments for IC seemed to fail. Look into it - you can get your gyn to refer you to a biofeedback doctor. Mine is very familiar with vulvodynia. Good Luck, Cindy


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      I have VV and neurontin is what my OBGYN and internist agreed to prescribe. It really helps but isn't a cure for what you are describing. Some days are better than others. Maybe biofeedback will work for you. I tried some pelvic floor therapy without success. Best, Carolyn
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