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    Which doctor do you go too to get diagnosed for Vulvodynia? Do you go to your urologist or Gyn? I ask this because I think I have Vulvodynia along with my IC, but I am not sure who to go too to have it checked out.


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    Hi Mum,

    I have been diagnosed with vulvodynia by my gynocologist. I would suggest you visit your gyn to either determine or rule out this diagnosis. Good luck to you. Hugs, Gail


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      Yes, OBGYN. He asked ma lots of questions and did a q-tip test. I have vulvodynia too but doing well on neurontin. Take care! Carolyn
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        Hi....I am wondering if I have vulvo too? I always have that I have yeast infection...and after is extremely painful...and itches and burns worse. Is that vulvo? I also have places at the folds (creases of my legs) of my itches real bad and looks like patches of scaly skin. Is that vulvo? I cant stand wearing panties anymore. I never knew what it was...and just read about vulvo today. I guess I should ask my doctor.

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