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  • Tearing - please help!

    Hello, I'm 38 yo and have IC and vulvodynia. My labia tissue is very thin, apparently, and even the softest toilet paper causes my skin in that area to tear. I hurts terribly, especially when I have to use the TP. I know it's not the TP (white, no scent, soft). I watch my diet, and take Elavil, Elmiron, CystaQ, and Prelief. Let's not even talk about the effect this has in the "lack-of-romance" department.

    Has anyone experienced this problem? All that I can use to relieve the immediate pain is Lidocaine.

    Would estrogen ointment on that area build up the tissue? I'm changing to a new gyn, so maybe I can give her some suggestions since she may be stumped. I have been through 5 gyn's that were clueless. This began 5 gyn's ago due to a botched surgery.

    Thank you so much to anyone who can help me. It really is depressing me terribly. Gail [img]frown.gif[/img] [img]frown.gif[/img]

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    (((((Gail)))) ouch! ouch! ouch!
    my only suggestion would be to "drip dry" first, and maybe get some cosmetic squares that are 100% pure cotton (NO POLYESTER).

    Perhaps blotting gently rather than wiping may cut down on the tearing (unless its your *nether-regions*, then of course you have to wipe).

    And yes, see a docor soon and make sure its taken care of.

    I hope you find a painless solution soon!

    y. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      There is a theory which says that vulvodynia is caused by pelvic floor dysfunction... which so many us with IC have. There is a doctor in NYC that treats VV with an extremely high success rate. I have read several articles in major magazines about his treatment which are very specific types of pelvic exercises... There is website but for the life of me I can't remember his name...Theory is that the bloodflow is strangulated due to the PFD which causes the symptoms. cat


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        This sounds very much like a hormonal problem and you should be checked for that. Some simple lubricating lotions, like KY, might help with the irritation. And never, never "wipe" the tender tissue around the vagina and urethra --- blotting should be adequate.

        Also, if you usually take tub baths, you could try switching to shower only and avoid putting soap directly on the tender spots. Honestly, if you wash the surrounding skin, your body will take care of the rest .... and when you dry yourself, blot that area only. I also find that if I use a very gentle soap for showering (I use Neutrogena, but there are several others), I have no vaginal area irritation.

        It's can also be important to wear only underpants with cotton crotches --- and if you have to wear panty hose, snip out the crotch.

        Sending healing thoughts,
        Stay safe

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          Yes, the estrogen cream will help. I had the same problem even tho I was taking estrogen orally. My gyn started me on estrogen cream and soon the tissue thickened and became healthy. NO MORE TEARING!!!!!!!
          Bobbie D.


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            My thanks to all who wrote me. You are all so wonderful to share your thoughts with me.

            I should have said that I "blot", and not wipe. Donna, I haven't used the tub in years, and I already follow all the other good suggestions you made.

            Bobbie D, thanks for letting me know that the estrogen cream worked. I will suggest that to my new gyn. [img]smile.gif[/img] Keep you fingers crossed that she will prescribe it and it works!

            Interesting thought about the bloodflow and PFD causing the vulvodynia. I know that it started, at least for me, after a gyn surgery.

            Again, many thanks [img]smile.gif[/img] Gail


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              gt~there are times that I get so bad that I use a bottle of warm water to rinse and then 'air dry' [img]rolleyes.gif[/img] When I'm in that bad of shape, there ain't nothin' I'm going to touch it with [img]wink.gif[/img]
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                In our area there are some new toilet tissues, Charmin is one of them, that have aloe in the tissue. They are very soothing for me.


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                  I too suffer from vulvodynia and I find that the Estrogen cream makes me worse. But it does help some. What I find helpful is to blot dry and then take Vitamin E oil that can be found in a bottle in the drug store and pour some on my fingers and rub my labia each time I void. Then, of course, I wash my hands real good!!!! Anyway...I have not had a problem since I started this. In conjunction to that my uro prescribed estrogen tablets that are inserted into the vagina with an applicator. I haven't had a problem since. The vitamin E oil you can start right now. Good luck!!! Ouch!!!


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                    When I was being treated for Endometriosis I had a similar problem due to lack of estrogen; and I had a very severe burning reaction when I tried using estrogen cream in my vagina. It turned out that I was reacting to the preservatives and fillers in the cream, rather than the estrogen itself; I finally went to a compounding pharmacy that my Dr knew of, and they mixed the estrogen into olive oil. I sguirted the mixture in with an eyedropper, and it worked great! Hope this helps someone else....


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                      I think the doc who treats VV in NYC with pelvic floor exercises is Howard Glazer. If you do a search with his name on Yahoo! his website will pop up. I think he even does email consultations.

                      Good Luck!