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vulvodynia ?

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  • vulvodynia ?

    what are the treatments for this?

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    Hello Sapp,

    The treatment for my vulvodynia is 10mg Elavil and 350 mg EC Naprosyn. These two medications have worked for for me. I hope that you find relief soon, Gail


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      I am considring elavil for my vaginal symptoms as well. Do you mind me asking what yor symptoms were and by what percentage you think they are better due to elavil? Also, the other drug you are taking for vulvadynia..what is that? i havent heard of it before!



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        Hi JulieBean,

        The symptoms I had with vulvodynia was a constant burning in the vulva area. The burning feeling went from mild to moderate, but never ending until the Elavil.

        The EC Naprosyn is compared to the prescription form of over-the-counter Alieve. (EC means that it is coated to protect the stomach) It helps with the pain and inflammation. The vulvodynia, and IC, for me, was a direct result of a laser laproscopy for endometriosis.

        The IC would also set off the vulvodynia, so the Elmiron has helped both the IC and vulvodynia.

        I would say that I have been relieved 90 to 100% most of the time from the pain, unless something sneaks into my diet, but usually I feel good. I would have never thought that I would feel this good now, but do need to take the Naprosyn daily.

        I hope that this information is helpful to you. Feel free to private message me if you would like to discuss further.

        Hugs to you, Gail [img]smile.gif[/img]