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Vulvadynia sucess!

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  • Vulvadynia sucess!

    Ladies: something you should know. My vulvadynia started with my IC, right after I went off birth control pills. At first I thought I had yeast, but after months of pain and OTC yeast treatments, I went to see a naturopath. She gave me estrogen cream, which didnt' really work. Then we tried something that she said she normally wouldn't think of: progesterone cream. No joke,within one day, the burning was gone, and has not returned since!!!! (it's been 3 months). I think that somehow being on the pill had messed up my hormones, contributing to the vulvodynia. I also know that estrogen is stored in fat cells, and I gained weight, due to my bladder hurting and being unable to exercise. The cream she gave me was a natural progesterone cream, at 1.6% in a vanishing cream base. I put it right on the vulvar area, about 1/4 teaspoon once a day for days 1-14 of the menstral cycle, and twice a day for the rest (this mimicks your natural hormonal levels). At first, if I missed one application, the burning would return, but it seems now that I can miss a few, and it takes a while to get bad again. In Canada, it costs about $30.00 a jar, which will last about 2 months. Of everything I've tried so far, this has been a lifesaver. I urge you to look into it - but be forewarned, I talked to my regular G.P. about this and told her I had found a solution, she was skeptical - the medical profession does have synthetic progesterone, but I don't think it will help. Let me know if it works for you too!

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    I read your post and went out to try some. I have been having severe burning and I hope this works. The Ic isn't bad enough this makes it intolerable. Sharon