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How did your symptoms start?

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  • How did your symptoms start?

    How did your vulvodynia symptoms start? Was it like recurring yeast infections? Was it one yeast infection that never went away? Or is it even really like a yeast infection? Thanks for any feedback!


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    My symptoms started as a burning and raw sensation a day or so after having sex. It didn't go away so I went to my gynecologist who said I had some kind of vaginitis, prescribed a cortizone steriod cream and sent me on my way. Then I started having it happen every time I had sex and soon after, the symptoms would start the week before my period. It just got progressively worse and persistent until half the month I was experiencing some kind of vulvodynia symptoms. Finally my new gyno diagnosed me with vulvar vestibulitis a few months ago and I seem to be getting most of the symptoms under control now.

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      Mine started like a yeast infection that would never go away. There are times that I just want to rip that part of my body out. It's funny how we get to be so informed about ourselves while most people just go thru life taking everything for granted
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        My vulvodynia started immediately after awakening from surgery and just kept getting worse. I was first diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder, went to a urologist who cath'ed me several times. When I screamed in pain, they just looked at me as if I was crazy. No one, even the urologist could make any kind of diagnosis. Another gyn told me it was just a prolapsed urethra and that I should apply estrogen cream as I am post menopausal. I got yeast, from the antibiotics given to me. Finally, I went to a new gyn who is also specialized in urology and she made the diagnosis. It was quite a relief to have a diagnosis of IC with vulvodynia, especially since I was going thru breast cancer at the same time. I have not had much relief of pain, even though I have drastically changed my diet. Prelief does not seem to work. Phenazopyridine only relieves the pain the the urethra somewhat but sends more pain down to the vagina. I continue to have a cycle of bacterial and yeast infections.