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  • Vulvodynia

    Has anyone been told to use estrogen cream on the outside of the vaginal area.
    i read that this will eventually toughen the skin and improve your vulvodynia symptons.

    Just a very small amount 2x a day.
    Right now my external vagianl area is red and looks a litttle swollen.

    Just wondered in anyone ever heard of this!
    using cream on the outside not inside the vagina.
    i know does not apply to treating yeast infectins, just exteranl vaginal area.I guess i got off the subject a little bit!


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    Yes, but something in it (propylene glycol, maybe?) irritated my IC.
    We can help one another here. Sue


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      Rita~for me the only thing that has helped is taking Neurontin 3x's a day. I have tried the estrogen cream, used large doses of lidocaine, ice packs.....and when my gyno put me on the Neurontin a few weeks ago, it was like a miracle happened. I started out with 300mg and bed time and have worked myself up to 300mg 3 x's a day and almost all of my pain is gone.
      hope this helps some teri
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