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  • Natural anti-yeast medication

    I just wanted to know if anyone has found a natural anti-yeast medication? I have been using garlic, and find it does help. I think I am having another yeast problem and my bladder has been starting to act up. I have talked to my doctor who seems to feel yeast is not my problem. I feel it is. Any suggestions on something I can get over the counter that may help?

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    Acidophus is supposed to help control yeast problems, I take it every day, I am on a low dose antibiotic but I haven't had any yeast infections since I have started taking it. HOpe this helps.


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      what is acidopus and where can you find that????

      thanks Antoinette


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        not sure about acidophus....AZO makes a anti yeast med..It is called AZO yeast and is considered homeopathic has helped me. I think my husband found it at WalMart

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          I think you are looking for acidophilus. It is a yeast fighter that is a live "good" bacteria that is found in yogurt (although avoid the yogurt with sugar as sugar feeds yeast). You can get it in supplement form, which is a good idea since yogurt aggravates IC for some people.


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            You will find acidophilus in the vitamin / supplement section of many stores. Do be sure to read the label carefully. Different brands contain different additives and some of those additives may be irritating to an IC bladder. You will probably want to search to find one with as little added to the acidophilus as possible.

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              acidophilus is probably the best thing you can take for yeast. It is a probiotic - basically a good bacteria that your body should naturally have. The good bacteria helps keep the yeast in check. Almost every brand has an acidophilis. I'm currently using a product called culturelle, but the jury's still out on whether or not it is irritating by bladder or not.

              Other good things for yeast are eating a VERY low sugar diet, grapefruit seed extract (not sure if this is a bladder irritant yet), pau d'arco, and caprylic acid (which kills my bladder so it is off limits for me)

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