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  • How do you know

    How do you know if you have vulvodynia? Does the doctor tell you or what. I have no clue. Thanks

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    There is a test the doctor can do! Mine used a swab to touch certain areas around the vaginal opening. Also when mine flares up I get external redness and some swelling in the area. I have it going on right now and I have no vaginal discharge, so you don't need to have that discharge to have it.

    I just had a vaginal culture done about 3weeks ago along with a urine culture and both were negative and I still have freguency, urgency, and burning down below. It is terrible!
    I use elavil which helps with the burning and I do use estrace cream for inside the vagina. I also use lidocane cream which just is used on the outside area it numbs the external vaginal area
    If you think you may have it see a gyno and ask about it.

    I hope this helps