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I think i have VV

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  • I think i have VV

    Hope u all can help here< I have really bad burning on the left Botton pelvic side and i also get what feels like a bad yeast infection. but doc does swap and says all is fine <but then Ill get really bad vaginal burning That drives me nuts,when this comes on I get wery tired and just plain ERRRRR! Could this be VV and how do I go about getting a dio? Am to see my family doc on the 16th Any advise !Would be very appericiated by all Thanks for all your help in advance ! I Love u all Sandra!

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    I went through the same "feels like yeast, but isn't" syndrome. I was fortunate because my doc referred me to a vulvar specialist right away. The only way you can know whether it is VV is to be evaluated by someone knowledgable enough to do an assessment, and to rule out other possibilities. You can try the Vulvodynia Support site - they have a medical directory.

    If there isn't any one listed near you, I'd ask the family doc for a referral to someone with a specialty in vulvar disorders. It really is worth it.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks for the info Kelly! grouphug