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    High Ladys, I am not really sure if this is the right place for me to ask about this subject. Ok,I went to have my teeth cleaned today, and i was told that i had 20 cavity's.
    Yes, I did say 20. The Doc told me it is due to a very high PH in my mouth. That really got me to think about things. I am wondering if there could be some imformation that would tie IC with a high PH. As my IC has taken off my teeth want to fall off. Ouch
    I cant help but wonder about this? Any thoughts or research that i could read about would be most helpful. You know when the little boy said that all he wanted is his 2 teeth for x-mas,well me too. Blessings to all


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    Hi Catamia:

    Well, I don't know about saliva that has a high PH level, but I have read that people with IC tend to produce urine with higher PH levels. A higher PH level means that the urine is more alkaline than usual.

    Since 5.5 is considered the normal PH of urine, anything above that indicates more alkalinity than usual. Certain meds and food can cause these alkaline tides, but there have been a couple of studies that show that ICers' urine seems to be more alkaline than the general population.

    In fact, I believe it was Dr. Gillespie who did a few studies on this. I think she determined that the urine was becoming alkaline in the bladder itself as opposed to the renal pelvis (kidneys/ureters).

    She also measured alkalinity for people with IC and their spouses who ate the same foods. The ICers' urine was significantly more alkaline than their spouses' urine even though they were eating the same foods.

    I don't know how valid these studies were, but I thought I'd share them with you anyway.

    Take care,


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      Catamia- You should check into a disease called Sjogren's Syndrome. It is common in people who have IC. Also, people tend to get a lot of cavities with it. Their are several support groups for this disease on the internet. Definitely look into it. -vicki

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