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  • Emu oil

    Has anyone used Emu oil fir the irritation? I've heard it can help.

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    I haven't used it for that reason but I do have some (even though it's getting kinda old) and will try it some time. I've also wondered if it might be an effective bladder instillation medium given that it has anti-inflamatory properties and is quickly absorbed through the skin (or transdermal as in the heperin and DMSO). It certainly might be tolerated better by those of us who have all these chemical and drug allergies. Jo


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      Dear SLM:

      No, I have not used Emu oil. But when I went on an anti-yeast elimination diet <no sugar, lower carbs, lots of healthy veggies, rotating foods to eliminate food sensitivities> and did tea tree oil sitz baths my vulvodynia went away. I also am almost off six months of Augmentin therapy combined with Nystatin. The vulvodynia was among the first symptoms to go. I am about 80 % well I'd say and continuing to improve.

      I combined B.J. Czarapata N.P. and Amrit Willis' R.N.'s advice. I'd be happy to provide anyone more info. that is interested. This program has helped me dramatically. Just P.M. or email if you'd like more info. One of these days I will write a success story for the boards.

      Gentle best wishes to you,
      Terri Q.