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Could I have Vulvodynia???

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  • Could I have Vulvodynia???

    I have some questions about vulvodynia. My IC started about 3 years ago and around the same I was experiencing vaginal discomfort. I was at the gyno every other week complaining and she told me there was nothing wrong. My symptoms were mild itching and redness sometimes and tearing around the vaginal opening with TP and some thicker discharge. Of course I thought it was yeast but she didn't find any. She said that it was caused by normal hormonal changes in my cycle and I should stop messing around down there because I was irritated the tissue. (Every 5 minutes I had my leg up on the toilet seat with a mirror checking it out) I took her advice and left my "area" alone and things seems to get better. Now every now and then I get the sypmtoms again. I am totaly stressing today because for 2 days I had mild sypmtoms and today I got a tear and I was bleeding. I am so stressed. I do not want to go to the gyno. I don't even have one where I live. I've only been going for annuals and go when I visit my parents over the holiday once a year. I am so scared everytime something happens down there. I think the worst. I don't think it is yeast either because I've had those infections and they are horrible for me. Burning, itching, swelling, throbbing. I don't have that normally. Could this discomfort and tearing be associated with vulvodynia and IC?

    Start of IC - 1999
    Dx'd - April 2002
    Underwent 6 weeks of bladder instillation and was symptom free for 3 years.
    September 2005 - IC has returned

    20 mg Lexapro (Anxiety)
    Weekly Bladder instillations beginning 9/21

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    I found a website on Vulvodynia.

    "Vulvodynia, also known as vulvar dysesthesia, literally means pain in the vulva. It is characterized by itching, burning, stinging or stabbing in the area around the opening of the vagina. Pain can be unprovoked, varying from constant to intermittent, or occur only on provocation such as attempted vaginal penetration with sexual intercourse, a condition also known as vulvar vestibulitis syndrome or vestibulodynia. Symptoms of vulvodynia may range from mildly irritating to completely disabling. While a distinct sore, or area of redness may be visible, often the vagina shows no abnormalities or infections on gynecological and/or dermatological evaluation. Unfortunately, many doctors are unaware that these conditions even exist, and may mistakenly suggest to patients that this is a psychological condition. It is common for women with vulvodynia to suffer for many years and see many doctors before being correctly diagnosed."

    Maybe this site would have other helpful information for you to browse.
    "Never take, I don't know how to help you as an answer."

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      What you have could be vulvodynia. At any rate there are some things you can do to help. My doctor told me many years ago to stay out of the bath tub --- I take only showers. You can also try double rinsing your underpants to be very certain you are getting all of the soap out. I had to stop using those anti-static sheets in my dryer because they were an irritant. Wear only underpants with cotton crotches. If you must wear pantyhose, snip out the crotches. The only soap I have found for bathing that I can use full time is Neutrogena. I'm sure there are others out there, but once I found one, why look any further. And be sure you use only plain white, unscented toilet tissue (blot for urine --- don't "wipe" in that area).

      Sending healing thoughts,
      Stay safe

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        Nikki: Maybe you should go to a different gyno.
        Like IC and urologists, not all gyno's know anything about Vulvodynia, or know very little
        or think that Vulvodynia is limited to just one
        type of vulvar irritation. You could also try
        something like Vagisil (non cortisone type)
        that has benzocaine in it. It is the ONE thing
        that actually works for me. Of course staying away from tight clothing, bubble bath, perfumed or colored toilet paper.....there are lots of
        self care things you can do, but you really should press for an accurate diagnosis, which sometimes requires a biopsy. Just finally knowing
        what it is can really help emotionally with dealing with Vulvodynia. We are all here for support any time you need us.