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    What has worked for people in terms of different vulvar creams? Are they prescribed just to give relief of symptoms, or are they actually healing? I was told that Estrace cream helped to strengthen the vaginal tissues, but I've been afraid to use it because it might cause more pain. The Lidocaine cream I tried burned more when I put it on. Maybe I didn't give it much of a chance?? I've tried using Vitamin E oil which is soothing. Anything else you recommend? Thanks!
    Diana Sabot
    South Albany, VT

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    I'm going to kill the word with my spelling but here goes....cortozone. You aren't suppose to use it in that area but when you've had enough of feeling like you have a curling iron in you urethra I what needs to be done! I also drink cough medicine with dextromethorphan in it. There is lidocaine available, script only and you can get it in "jets" so it's easily instilled into your urethra.

    Hope I helped some.....
    Sending a couple special prayers that it cools off down there for you blink blink
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      When You have Vulvodynia does your urethra hurt/throb when you pee?

      What are these jets? How do you apply them?


      God bless, Yvonne


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        Hi Diana,

        My uro prescribed two creams that I had to get from the compounding pharmacy and since I started them, I haven't had much burning at all. (knock on wood) I can't say for sure it's from the creams or just a natural remission, but something is working. The first one I used for a few days was estradiol in olive oil, then they switched me to another one. It's a combination of estradiol, lidocaine and aloe vera. I had tried the estrace cream from the regular pharmacy, but that was irritating.



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          Hi everyone,

          I have had problems with recurring yeast infections and right now am on Diflucan for 6 weeks and 7 day terazol cream. I've tried this before and it seems that it never goes away.
          My gyno said I just had a "touch" of yeast, but my symptoms are too extreme for just a touch of it.

          My question is this, do you think I could have vulvodynia? All month long I feel itchy, inflamed, uncomfortable and I have a constant (for lack of a better word) leaky discharge that drives me crazy!! I have to wear a pantiliner (which I'm sure is not a great idea)
          but my gyno said the discharge is normal, some have more than others.
          The symptoms of feeling like I have a yeast infection and a bladder infections can drive anyone crazy, because my IC symptoms act up also.

          Any info or advice would be wonderful!!!